In the last days I found myself resonating and responding to the words and energies, that were expressed by John de Ruiter in a dialog on video with a woman:

“As Awareness begin with knowing; instead of thinking: first you know – then you can think. You are having the kind of thinking, that has a real innermost to it. A kind of thinking that comes from; where you came from. Profound thought begins with profound knowing.

It is the depth and  the quality of your awareness, that determines how much you will really see. You do more so know how to see, then you are accustomed to seeing. You are able to see; you just need to trust, what you know. When you do see; let in nothing divert you from being that finest & deepest knowing. You know where you are going, because you know, where you came from. You within this world,  providing form expands the two: expands where you came from and where you are going.

You as awareness; being that knowing; that deepest & finest knowing that gives birth to itself. You being that knowing, precedes all understanding. It is you being such profound knowing. It gives you understanding.

You being the knowing that precedes, what you are looking for. And that will be you turning into what you are looking for.It is not for you to find it and have it. It is for you to know it and turn into it. The diversions are endless; the knowing within is one.

Instead of being a person; be profoundly aware of what you know & remain in that! —  and you will even be a better person.”