As it happens, I don’t want to say all that much. Just introduce our geometry project. It arose with the intention to activate the higher dimensions of consciousness in our energy bodies.

(Artikel in deutsch in den newslichtern: Void Visuals)

This can happen through the drawing of the flower of life – and also through meditative contemplation in the inner space of experience. The short video provides a quick visual introduction to the world of sacred geometry.

Geometry existed before creation – Plato.

Much has been written about sacred geometry, especially about the flower of life. Most people recognize the symbol. Everything in the universe arises from this pattern of creation, including the morphogenetic structure that creates our human bodies:

From the energetic projection of a sphere of consciousness (circle); 6 further circles of the seed of life  take form. According to the same principle, further circles arrange themselves – always exactly one radius away – until with 19 circles the flower of life becomes visible.

To see the fruit of life one needs two more levels of circles. As soon as 61 circles are present, 5 vertically super-imposed circles — and with the two diagonals, a total of 13 circles (spheres) – then become visible. This fruit of life is a sacred feminine form.


When all the centers within the 13 spheres are connected with straight lines (masculine energy) Metatrons Cube takes place. It represents a complex information system and contains the so-called 5 Platonic solids.

Plato used these 5 forms to show the connection between the spiritual reality of the heavens and the physical reality of the earth.

These three-dimensional Platonic solids are the building blocks of all physical matter – from crystals to human DNA. They also represent the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) necessary for physical existence on earth.

Here are all 5 platonic solids with their specifications:

What’s so special about the five platonic solids?

The following applies to all 5 forms:

  1. All sides are equal in size.
  2. All edges are equal in length.
  3. Within the form there is only one angle size between the sides.
  4. The forms fit perfectly into a sphere and

it is also possible to nest all 5 shapes within each other in a specific order.

How can we use these sacred geometries for our inner development and personal transformation?

In the spring of 2017, after my Israel pilgrimage, I was in a deep reconnection phase. I have been to many sacred places – together with people who have already formed very clear spaces of consciousness within themselves. Thanks to the higher harmonic resonances within the physical and energetic fields, many things changed in me.

A few months later I made an appointment with my clairvoyant friend for an exchange of ideas and observations: She noticed that the fruit of life was newly activated in me. She saw it in a great form “swirling” into and out of my energy body and the way it connects with collective fields. She also saw that the crystalline structure in my blood had changed – “christ-all-ized,” so to speak.

I began to engage more intensively with the geometry of the fruit of life. The deeper I delved into these activated energy flows, the more information I was able to receive – and above all to discern connections.

Soon afterwards, I asked Minghao Xu if he could visualize the formation of Metraton’s Cube. It didn’t take long – and then the impulse came to realize the Platonic solids as a 3D meditation. Minghao Xu is able to depict these invisible cosmic spaces very luminously, thus enabling us to gain unique, evocative insights into higher realities of being.

Beauty is that which attracts your soul – Khalil Gibran

An extraordinary visual meditation clip with the moving sounds of Johanne Staiquly has been created.

Enjoy this preview:

It took several months for the void visual to reach this harmonious perfection. We enjoyed the project work as a trinity and “updated” ourselves again and again, tuned in and synchronized, to really be able to create from the higher spiritual spaces.

This geometry project has shown us so much! Above all, it has shown us how trustworthy cooperation without time constraints can emerge from the instrinsic flow.

And there’s more good news. On Sunday, 24 March 2019 a one-day workshop on the topic: Activating Metatrons Cube will be held at the Yogini Dome in Wendland.

More detailed information about the event you find here:

Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.
Leonardo da Vinci