The river doesn’t come from the river. The river comes of the melting in the high, and it comes from the rain. If you are in the littlest of drops and you are in the melting, if those two levels are lived in you, the river will come and it will flood your banks.

If you are gone into the drops and you are gone into the melting, it doesn’t matter what your experience is: great river is coming.

As that great river comes and you are absorbed by the enormous effects of the river, that you are distracted a little bit from being gone into the drops and being gone into the melting, then it’s only a matter of time and the great river will be no more.

If you are into the melting and into the drops, you will be into the whole river. Then you will be the drops, the melting, the river, the ocean. You’ll be the whole of it.

The secret to the great river within
by JdR