(Dialog –  John the Ruiter with a woman in Spring 2021)

What is the meaning of the Black Cube coming to this plane?

The Black Cube is the practical manifestation of spirit. It not just come to the earth; it is coming into the earth. Into her deeper levels and not just awakening them; but moving them. It is invitational to everyone; not all in the same way and response to that.

What is the invitation?

To transition. As the earth transitions as reality – the universe –  transitions.

When I saw the black box, it was like a gateway?

You cannot enter that gateway : and be taken by that gateway – without transitioning into the same; which is complete death to the sense of self. It frees the self into what it is actually for, which is preexistence in manifestation. Your self being full form of your agreement of what you came here for.

You are not here for live; you are not here for yourself, your are not here for the planet or for the world.

You are here to be a revelation of what is before existence in existence. That includes its powers, which no self on its own can handle. It cannot handle it, without dying into, what it actually belongs to; what it really is for.

What is the meaning of the Cube? It comes to earth by coming into the earth and in that the earth naturally transitions.

It is like our deeper bodies are ready for the next level? It has been ready all along. It has not been all along time yet.

So the readiness has to be on that level? Like 40 days in the dessert? They had to wipe the consciousness of the slavery, whatever the story is?

It’s wiped in stages: First in slavery. Self-importance wiped in slavery. And then self-importance wiped in transition to freedom. And then clean of self-importance in freedom.

That is the waiting? As in, there is no rush in any of it. There is not getting out of slavery and there is no getting into freedom. The core – real : free in slavery; free in freedom. Slavery exists only because leash-holders exist.

What is before existence is here moving in existence; awakening any deeper level that is in response. The weight, the scope and the magnitude of what is actually happening is serious. You are included in and responding to the New, that is moving. Everything that is real has been unwittingly waiting for.